• A revelation in performance
  • This is what visionary sounds like
  • Noteworthy technology



Muséik presents a breakthrough in sound-and-sight collaborative performance. Pairing the Muséik software with our vast library of rentable content allows you to take the experience of making music with visuals well beyond just “syncing.” More “instrument” than tool, more expressive and responsive than any previous technology, Muséik gives you and your audiences a new level of more—for less.



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  • Finally, someone has developed a sync method that follows MY tempo.
    Bill Eddins, Edmonton Symphony
  • This is a premium product.
    Richard Slaney, London Philharmonia
  • Original and elegant. Congratulations.
    Tod Machover, MIT Media Lab

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Commercial Music

See the Power.

Bring your performance to a new level of awesome with Muséik on visuals.

Education & Worship

In sight. Insight. Incite.

The adaptability of Muséik allows you to think and do bigger, bolder, and better.

Fine Arts

Movements with Movement.

Muséik partners with you to truly fill the concert hall with sound, sight, and inspiration.

The Ion Content Library

Ease and Affordability. Period.



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Ion Concert Media is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to the pursuit of artistic and immersive, media-rich live events. We believe a brand new art form is emerging that pairs digital media and technology with live performance. But we are passionate about the idea that technology should be an artistic partner on stage, not a cold and cumbersome tool.

We have quietly tested our concepts and products in performances across the nation with great success. Now it is time to launch. Ion Concert Media will unveil its products and services using a phased-in approach beginning in early January, 2015. Our immediate efforts include building an international Beta Guide Group to help test, tweak, and streamline our products. A full public launch of Muséik and the Ion Content Library are scheduled for mid-2015.



Muséik is an interactive “instrument” that plays the visuals accompanying a live performance of nearly any type. Ion Concert Media customers are orchestras, concert bands, choirs, chamber ensembles, commercial music events, worship centers, dance and drama companies and more—anyone interested in syncing digital media with a live event, while maintaining a high level of artistry and expression in the performance. Ion has introduced a new level of ease and affordability for media-rich productions not previously available, making our products very attractive to small and education-based customers.