Ion Concert Media is focused on the future. Not a future where technology replaces or supersedes live music, but a future where live music and technology are tastefully blended to create an artistic and immersive whole. Whether you seek our first-of-its-kind syncing software called Dynamic Video™,our stunning multimedia content or our knowledgeable consulting or design services, let Ion Concert Media help you bring your concert experience into the future - a future that is in sight.

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** We are brand new and still getting organized.  Our web presence is not what we would like it to be. Please be patient as we work to build a fully functional website and a robust and diverse content library.  Thank you!



4/14   We have begun working on a self-produced multimedia concert event to be presented in April,2015.  Details to be announced later this spring.

3/14  Dynamic Video­™ introduced to Chicagoland.

2/14   The Pacific Symphony (Los Angeles) gets a peek at the future...


"Finally, someone has developed a sync method that follows MY tempo."      

- Bill Eddins, Edmonton Symphony






"Enjoy" is a short animation created by Scott Winters for use on his website in 2012.

Great Train Robbery

Just as an experiment Scott edited together a mash-up of Edwin S. Porter's famous silent film "The Great Train Robbery" and Aaron Copland's "Rodeo."  The result was surprisingly effective.

America The Beautiful

Classic American paintings animated over an arrangement of America The Beautiful.