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Muséik is a breakthrough in sound-and-sight collaborative performance. Muséik is software and a vast library of content that allows you to take the experience of music with visuals well beyond just “syncing.” It’s much more “instrument” than tool—more expressive and responsive than any previous technology. Muséik gives you and your audience a new level of more.


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  • A revelation in performance
  • This is what visionary sounds like
  • Noteworthy technology


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Commercial Music

See the Power.

Bring your performance to a new level of awesome with Muséik on visuals.

Education & Worship

In sight. Insight. Incite.

The adaptability of Muséik allows you to think and do bigger, bolder, and better.

Fine Arts

Movements with Movement.

Muséik partners with you to truly fill the concert hall with sound, sight, and inspiration.

  • Finally, someone has developed a sync method that follows MY tempo.
    Bill Eddins, Edmonton Symphony
  • This is a premium product.
    Richard Slaney, London Philharmonia
  • Original and elegant. Congratulations.
    Tod Machover, MIT Media Lab


See Music Like Never Before.

Muséik is a dynamic revolution and vivid revelation that brings a powerful new level of drama to any performance. Our simple-to-use software allows you to sync visuals directly to live music or movement. And when we say, “sync,” we don’t mean in the current clumsy manner of locking in a click track to power through a piece mindlessly and without expression. Now, you aren’t confined by the rigidity and unexpressive nature of the click. Muséik is an instrument that “plays” the visuals and reacts to the nuances within each performance. Muséik follows tempo, dynamics, and expression, just like any other member of the musical or performance ensemble. Every performance can be truly unique, now that Muséik has joined the group.

How Muséik Works.

Muséik is an interactive “instrument” that plays the visuals accompanying a musical performance of nearly any type. Easily played by a human musician or non-musician, Muséik is able to expressively respond and contribute to the subtleties of live performance in a way you’ve never seen before. Muséik also works wonders by way of our remarkable library of rentable video content filled with unique ways to bring a story to life.  

More Information.

For more information about Muséik, the Ion Content Library, and Ion founder Scott Winters, please visit This supplementary site is designed as a Visual Music resource. Information and tutorials on Ion Concert Media products and other topics can be found on the “Resources” page.