Scandinavian Christmas


When the Minnesota Orchestra wanted to add a new dimension to their holiday show they called Ion Concert Media

mnorchPROJECT SCOPE:  Ion was asked to source existing content and create new content that fit a loosely Scandinavian theme and stayed within a modest budget.


PROJECT DETAILS: The Ion Creative Team produced films and still images that were projected for the duration of the 90-minute concert. These included:

  1. The Ion Creative Team re-edited a public domain film called The Snow Queen to synchronize with Grieg's Symphonic Dances. The film anchored the first half of the program and was an audience favorite.

    Learn more about this film.

  2. We worked with 351 Studio to create a lyric video that was projected during an audience sing-along. This was a boundary-pushing project for the Ion team. To our knowledge it was the first time such a precise sync was attempted without the aid of a click track. Despite some anxiety from the Ion team, the film came off perfectly in performance.

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  3. The Ion Creative Team also sourced a set of delightful TV bumpers from TV2 Norway to pair with a traditional Scandinavian carol and created still images that enhanced the show's stage design from start to finish.

PROJECT RESULT: The Ion Creative Team delivered over 20 minutes of film content and a dozen still images that added a dazzling multimedia component to the Minnesota Orchestra's Scandinavian Christmas program. All of this was completed within the modest budget we were given.

Hear what Grant Meachum, Director of Orchestra Hall Live, had to say about working with Ion Concert Media in the film clip below.