A Well-Loved Orchestral Masterpiece Comes to Life

Ion Concert Media is proud to introduce an animation worthy of the music

Pictures at an Exhibition

Produced by Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger, USC School of Cinematic Arts (2011)

The film was written to accompany the 1922 Ravel orchestration of Mussorgsky's music. Any publication faithful to the Ravel orchestration will pair perfectly with the film.


ComposerTitleEnsemblePublisherCatalog #
Mussorgsky, orch. RavelPictures at an ExhibitionFull OrchestraBoosey & HawkesRental


  • "Breathtaking"
    Boulder Daily Planet (July 22, 2016)
  • Our audiences loved the film accompaniment to the music
    Jerrrold Eilander, Orchestra Operations Manager of the Edmonton Symphony

Produced at the USC School of Cinematic Arts (2011)

Directors: Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger

Student Animators:

  1. Promenade 1 – Emily Henricks
  2. The Gnome – Andy Lyon
  3. Promenade 2 – Emily Henricks
  4. The Old Castle – Elizabeth Willy, Ryan Kravetz
  5. Promenade 3 – Mike Patterson
  6. Tuileries – Cecilia Fletcher
  7. Bydlo (The Oxcart) – Melissa Bouwman
  8. Promenade 4 – Mike Patterson
  9. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks – Seong Young Kim
  10. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle – Carolyn Chrisman
  11. Market at Limoges – Steven Day
  12. The Catacombs – Candace Reckinger
  13. Con Mortuis (With the Dead in a Dead Language) Candace Reckinger, Mike Patterson
  14. Hut on Fowl’s Legs (Baba Yaga) – Alessandro Ceglia
  15. The Great Gate of Kiev – Ria Ama

Duration: ~ 32 Minutes

Style: Animation, motion graphics, and live action are blended beautifully into a diverse "gallery" of moving images. Each movement was created by a student or group of students at USC, giving each its own unique style and mood. Yet the movements work together to create a unified and artistically successful whole.

History and Film Design: The visual work was originally created to celebrate the Grand Opening of New World Symphony Hall in Miami, FL. Conductor Michael Tilson Thomas requested a work that would utilize the five large projection screens available in that hall. The files have now been re-edited for projection on a single screen. The result is a panoramic projection that uses about 2/3 of a standard format screen. (the image below has been cropped somewhat on the top and bottom; plan for about 1/3 of your screen to be black).

screenshot-2016-11-16-12-25-51This panoramic aspect ratio does not cause problems on a standard sized screen. In most installations the image is simply focussed to the top or bottom of the screen to create a professional projection. It is important to consider screen size however. We recommend using the largest screen available since the wide format has a limiting effect on the height of the images. Too small a screen will make the video unviewable in larger halls.

Resolution: The film is available in 4k resolution, but is most frequently projected with standard 1080 projectors quite satisfactorily.

Projector Size: As with all projects Ion is involved with, we cannot offer professional advice about the sizing of your projector. If you have questions we recommend that you consult with a local AV company.

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Ion's Muséik software is exceptionally easy to operate. While this film for Pictures at an Exhibition has several rather challenging sections, it is well within the grasp of a first-time Muséik operator. Plan for at least two months of training and practice prior to your show.  If you seek help producing the film Ion is happy to provide a Ion Certified operator for your show. Your sales rep will help you make those arrangements. If you determine to operate the film yourself please refer to the Performance Notes document linked below.