Choral Accompaniment Beta Program FAQ's

Ion Concert Media wants to develop its Muséik software for use by choir programs seeking a better accompaniment solution. To finalize the design and sales parameters of the product we are seeking choirs willing to use it in the fall semester of 2017.

Muséik is already a commercial product. It has been used to drive video by major orchestras and school ensembles all across America since January, 2016. Muséik has also undergone a year of testing as a tool for diving audio accompaniments. This includes testing with choirs in both rehearsals and performances.

We have several questions we would like to address with the Choral Accompaniment Beta program. Most of these involve questions about how best to package and present the software in the market. A partial listing of expected outcomes includes:

  • Learning what types / levels of choir programs see the most benefit from the program.
  • Gaining insight into what literature should be offered through the system and how best to deliver it.
  • Establishing a product pricing structure based on Beta Program feedback.
  • Continued exploration of what Muséik can do.
  • Development of a new features list that can improve functionality.

Almost any situation where vocalists are accompanied by music would be helpful for this beta test. This includes school ensembles from the elementary level through college. It also includes church and community choirs. Musical productions and show choirs are also welcome to participate.

We would love to hear from you even if your group has a qualified piano accompanist. We want to determine if Muséik has applications in private practice sessions or in sectional rehearsals. We also want to explore its use as a curricular tool for teaching tempo expression. Even if your ensemble works with a full time professional accompanist, your input can be valuable to us.

  • Pledge to use the software for at least a few rehearsals. If it has no value to you we will not require you to continue.
  • Be proactive in finding ways to incorporate the software in both rehearsal and performance settings.
  • Respond to periodic requests for updates, answer questions specific to your situation, and complete one or more surveys.
  • Allow us to use your comments and critiques in our marketing.
  • If you see value in the product we hope you will help us spread the word to your colleagues.

Beta Program members will be asked to purchase a 12-month Muséik subscription ($69).

We are aiming for a January 2018 commercial product launch.

  1. Fill out the Choral Accompaniment Beta Program application form. We will confirm your application and send detailed instructions for setting up Muséik by email.
  2. Purchase and install a 12-month subscription to Muséik.
  3. Work with Ion staff to ensure proper setup and receive some training on the program (usually less than an hour).
  4. From there we will work with you directly to source and create the files you need.
  5. Use the program and provide feedback when requested.