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orange-stageWelcome to Ion Concert Media, one of the most exciting new developments in the world of live show producing.

Ion is a multimedia company based in Minneapolis, MN. We have developed Muséik, a new digital sync software that makes it easy to pair video with live music. But Muséik is more than just revolutionary software; it is also an innovative content distribution platform that is quickly becoming the talk of the industry.

Muséik combines revolutionary digital sync technology with an online library of pre-licensed rentable digital show content to create the world's easiest and most affordable solution for sourcing and presenting high quality digital assets for live shows.

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Dec 2012

First Software Prototype

In December 2012 the first software prototype was created.

Apr 2013

First Public Performance

Roger Kalia and the YMF Debut Orchestra (Los Angeles, CA) were the first to use the software prototype in live performance.

Aug 2013

Company Founded

Early successes in performance and positive feedback from the market led to the founding of the company in April, 2013.

Feb 2015

Muséik 1.0 Launched

The original software prototype was re-born as Muséik 1.0 in February, 2015.

Sep 2015


A show in Santa Barbara, CA marked the beginning of a new phase in the company that saw sales activity grow.

Sep 2016

Patent Issues

Ion's Utility Patent covering the sync function found in Muséik issued in September, 2016.


Ion Concert Media is dedicated to providing technologies and content for live shows to create immersive and imaginative concert experiences for audiences worldwide.


Back in 1992 musician and company founder Scott Winters was introduced to Disney's Fantasia while watching his young niece, Anja. He determined on that weekend that someday he would conduct live shows that used similar visual elements. Fast forward to 2012. Scott was indeed conducting shows with multimedia components, but the technologies being used to synchronize the digital media to the live event were not what he had envisioned two decades earlier. Frustrated with the lack of artistry and flexibility found in the standard sync solutions, he determined that there must be a better way. With the encouragement of friends and family, he hung up his baton in the fall of 2013 to found Ion Concert Media. Scott is driven by a passion to help live show producers deliver immersive and creative media-rich audience experiences. Scott is a graduate of St Olaf College (Northfield, MN) and held teaching and conducting posts for two decades prior to founding Ion. He also founded a community art center called River Ridge Arts and served as its Executive Director for ten years.

J. Allen is something of a Renaissance man. He is a classically trained composer with scores performed by the likes of the Minnesota Orchestra and Aspen Festival Orchestra. He is also an accomplished educator. He was a semi-finalist in the Grammy™ Foundation Educator of the Year program and has taught university level courses in music theory and electronic music. J. is also an entrepreneur, having founded and now serving as CEO of Minneapolis-based Slam Academy. Above all, J. is a music technology tinker-er extraordinaire. At Ion Concert Media he manages the company's technology development and technical support efforts. J. holds degrees from the University of Minnesota (Ph. D.), the The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University (M.M. in computer music and M.M. in composition), and a B.A. from Grand State University.

In 2014 we needed some extra help preparing film files to run in Muséik. Scott had taught at Bethany Lutheran College (Mankato, MN) previously and now sought a recommendation from his old colleagues. A student in the Communications Department named Jeremiah was suggested and we quickly brought him on board to do some part time entry level work. Shortly afterwards we were asked to screen a film in 4k for an important customer. Jeremiah impressed all of us with his dedication, his knowledge, and his ability to come up with creative solutions to new problems. Today Jeremiah has graduated with his degree in Communications, runs his own videography and photography studio, and has proven again and again to be exactly the right kind of entrepreneurial outside-the-box thinker Ion Concert Media needs.